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Medical A group of doctors wanted to track patients, surgery types, pre-op, post-op, and follow up visits. The patient data was located in a remote main surgery database. We developed a solution to import data from the main surgery database enabling the staff to manipulate data and then export back to main surgery database. Letters are generated based on search criteria of patient name, surgery date, and years since last follow up.

Training A certification training organization wanted to track students, registrations, certification classes, and students approaching certification expiration. The organization also sends reminder notices of training expiration as well as upcoming training events. The database solution also serves as contact management.

Cross-Connection Control Inspections / Surveys Water utilities and facility managers needed to track water uses within a building, or groups of buildings, for plumbing code compliance and water conservation measures. The database solution also tracks service connections to the main water distribution system. Reports are generated by building, groups of buildings, water use, compliance, and date of inspection. This solution meets regulatory requirements.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing Water utilities, facilities, and private sector contractors needed to track backflow prevention assemblies installed within a building, or groups of buildings. The database solution tracks initial and annual test dates as well as repairs, replacements, past due testing. Also tracks assemblies installed at the main water distribution system. Generate reports by serial number, type of assembly, size, manufacturer, applicability with codes and regulations, and by test date. Also generates certified test reports. This solution meets regulatory requirements.

Invoicing / Inventory / Training A retail organization needed to track customer training, registrations, and related product sales. They also set up remote classes to include tuition, housing, and miscellaneous expenses. As invoice line items are changed or deleted, products are added back or deducted from inventory. Reports are generated indicating inventory levels above or below reorder levels. The organization also presents services and products at shows around the country. Sales from the shows are also tracked.

High Frequency Water Meters A water utility was planning to change from manual reading of water meters to automatic meter reading via radio frequency. They were concerned with accuracy of data such as customer account information, old meter numbers and readings relative to new meter information. We developed a database solution that imports and exports new water meter data from a Pocket PC hand held barcode scanner to an Excel file. The solution acts as a link between the Excel file and the scanner.