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Viking II, Inc is a member of the Filemaker Solutions Alliance. We specialize in creating database solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers – which range from large corporations to small businesses.


Viking II, Inc. will meet with you to discuss your business needs. We will examine your current methods for managing data and look for ways to streamline the process to make your company more efficient and more successful.

Viking II, Inc. developers consult with you personally in order to provide you with a customized solution that you will not find in a pre-packaged application. Our customers receive personalized consultation that addresses their specific needs.


We build database solutions from the ground up, as well as fixing and/or upgrading existing database solutions. Our specialties include personal attention to your business needs, creative scripting to solve and automate complex processes, and finding and fixing problems in existing database solutions.

Viking II, Inc. uses the power of Filemaker to develop a customized database to suit the needs and functions of your business or organization. All databases are developed with the highest level of professionalism, using the latest techniques and tools available. We are confident that your solution will be developed in a manner that delivers the intended results and will stand up to the rigors of daily use, by users of all skill levels.

Our custom databases are developed to focus on the needs of your company. The database solutions are both easy to use and powerful, and are built with future needs in mind.


Change your organization into a highly productive data-sharing community.

Viking II, Inc. will "sync-enable" your FileMaker solution using SyncDeK, an award-winning product from WorldSync, Inc.

With sync-enabled solutions, organizations with remote users, multiple sites, or employees who want to use their database while away from the office, can synchronize data, and structural changes, with other sync-enabled FileMaker databases within a data-sharing community. The need for data entry positions is reduced or eliminated along with data entry errors.

Because the synchronization bypasses the web, there is no concern for web capability of scripts, web sites, or webmasters.

Viking II, Inc. is a member of the SyncDeK Developer Alliance.