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Carl and Nancy Starr, in 1989, founded Viking II, Inc. Carl started using FileMaker in the mid ‘90s to address the unique business needs of the organization.

One of their customers, a large water utility, asked Carl to find a satisfactory over-the-counter database for them – one that would track the special needs of their customers. He reported there wasn’t much available but did suggest a couple of “off the shelf” products to look at. The utility complained that the databases were, “awkward to use and often left us lost or trapped with no way out”. They asked us to custom develop a database for them. They stressed that the database be user friendly and intuitive. Because they often brought in temporary help, they wanted someone to be able to navigate and enter data with little or no training. As a result, Viking II, Inc. developed their first customized FileMaker Solution meeting the unique needs of a valued customer.

Carl pursued FileMaker database development and is an Associate Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance. With his training background, he strives to develop FileMaker solutions with the original concept of “keep it user friendly and intuitive” while paying special attention to the customer’s business practice. In between FileMaker development, Carl provides consulting services to customers with existing solutions as well as for those that want to get started with their own development.